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My School Class

School LMS

What Does an LMS Do?

Any LMS should perform main functions like:
  • It supports content in various formats: text, video, audio, etc.
  • Systematizing and presenting training content
  • Students and teachers can re-use the material every time they need.
  • Creating assignments to solidify and test knowledge
  • Evaluate progress.
  • What is distinctive with Learnclue?

    Adaptive learning that support the management to be in charge of virtual learning, technique to gather information, curated assignments for fulfilling academic goals. Incalculable doubts are resolved on the instant easily.

    We accelerate three kinds of users:

    Advantages of e learning
  • Typically, online courses take place on Learning Management System, like Blackboard or Google Classroom.
  • Offers flexibility to employees. They can begin the course whenever they are free and finish it at their own pace
  • Teachers can have unlimited access to learning materials whenever they need them. Self-learning is easier when our teachers are able to access different kinds of materials on an LMS to suit their training course and personal preference.
  • When an effective and convenient learning program is in place, your employees will be able to build their skills and perform better for your organization.
  • The most obvious benefit of eLearning is that it helps to save time and money. As users can learn anytime, from anywhere, and using any device, they do not have to take time out of their current schedules for learning and training.
  • Myschool Live Classes – LMS (Learning Management System for schools) with Live classes

    Over the past year, the world has seen some drastic changes, pushing a majority of educational institutes to operate remotely. Myschool Live classes, is focused to create a virtual platform for schools to run classes with the Learning Management System (LMS). Educational institutes can also use this facility to upload audios and videos aiding the learning environment. Myschool Live classes also provide worksheets for students from classes 1st to 10th.

    My School Class - LMS

    Digital eLearning offers numerous benefits to both organizations as well as learners. It is meant to enhance learning, not simply continue it via a digital means.

    Digital eLearning can enhance learning experiences, save teachers time; enable teacher’s better learning to student needs, aid in tracking student progress, provide lucidity into the learning process for all stakeholders, and much more.

    The education sector is responding to quarantine with a sudden shift to online learning. Nonetheless, online teaching requires careful thinking about how learners and teachers are equipped for the shift and serious consideration about whether the teaching style is still effective when taken from the classroom and transposed to technological devices.

    My School Class Demo Video

    Live Class

    We at Learnclue offers online Live classes ( Academic subjects ) from 6th to 10th class by experienced faculty with pre scheduled time table. Mode of teaching will be in english

    Subjects we handle – 6th to 10th classes:

    1. Maths
    2. Physics & Chemistry
    3. Biology
    4. English
    5. Social
    6. Telugu

    Advantages of our Live Classes

  • Student will listen thru mobile app itself
  • Student can clarify doubts online
  • Pre defined time table of subject wise
  • Recorded links available to absentees & reference
  • Timely exams/assessments thru mobile app only
  • Management will get student performance report on demand
  • Your teachers involvement is zero
  • Academic Support

    Coming Soon !!!!

    After School Programs

    Launching Soon!!!

    21st Century Skills

    Launching Soon!!!



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