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It helps in solving typical mathematical calculations in very short time.

It teaches time management, helps to solve problems in simple steps.

It stands useful in competitive exams and talent tests.

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What is Vedic Maths?

Vedic Maths, often mentioned to as Speed math, is a pool of short cut methods developed through our ancient system of VEDAS. It helps in solving simple and complex mathematical problems in an easy & simple way. It permits to do calculations 10-15 times faster than the normal traditional techniques. It’s an associate elaboration of 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras derived from Vedic scheming system as mentioned among the traditional Vedas. Known as the world’s fastest scheming system and originated in the ancient Republic of India, Vedic maths is making its way into modern education systems across the world.

Origin of Vedic maths? Going back to our roots.

Its origins date back to the Vedic times. A proven method of ancient mathematics, Vedic maths helps in the overall brain function of a child. It is a combination of 16 sutras & 13 sub-sutras, which when learnt is proven to solve problems within seconds. To be precise, from the ‘The Atharva Veda’, these Vedic sutras were rediscovered by Shri Bharti avatar Tirathji Maharaj between 1911 to 1918.

Importance of Vedic maths?

In view analysis all of Vedic math arithmetic system relies on sixteen Sutras, or word-formulae. As an example, 'Vertically and Crosswise` is one in every of these Sutras. These formulae describe the manner the mind naturally works and area unit thus a good facilitator in directive the scholar to the suitable methodology of resolution.

Perhaps the foremost placing feature of the sacred text system is its coherence rather than a hotchpotch of unrelated techniques the full system is superbly interconnected and unified: the final multiplication methodology, as an example, is definitely reversed to permit one-line divisions and therefore the easy squaring methodology may be reversed to provide one-line square roots. And these area unit all simply understood. This unifying quality is extremely satisfying, it makes arithmetic straightforward and pleasant and encourages innovation.

Benefits of learning Vedic maths?
  • Eradicates math phobia
  • Starts to play with math
  • It acts as mind sharpening tool also
  • Solves problems mentally without using Pen , Paper & even calculator
  • Develops memory power
  • Develops concentration
  • Develops judgement skills
  • Develops self confidence
  • Start playing with numbers
  • Develops both left & Right hemispheres of the brain
  • Applications of Vedic Maths?

    Using traditional methods in solving mathematical problems may be time consuming, thereby applying the short cut techniques of ancient Vedic system increases the time & efficiency in solving the mathematical problems. However, today’s method of teaching mathematics has left its learners fearing the subject more than embracing the beauty of it. These short cut techniques of Vedic maths can be used in complete career oriented competitive exams.

  • Bank Exams
  • Eamcet
  • IIT
  • Olympaids
  • CAT
  • SAT
  • MAT
  • CET
  • NTSE
  • Who can learn Vedic maths?

    A proven method of ancient mathematics, Vedic maths helps in the overall brain function of a child. Vedic Maths doesn’t only teach how to produce the right answer, it together develops a sense of numerical. It cultivates durable reasoning & disadvantage determination skills. Regular & economical observation of Vedic Maths methods lays sound effects on one’s mind. Acing the skill of solving mathematical problems quickly, while giving accurate results is something every industry in today’s world is looking for.

    Anybody who has strong grip on basic arithmetical operations can start learning Vedic maths. It will be very beneficial for students who are appearing for any type of competitive exams.

    By learning Vedic Maths, the student will achieve

  • High speed and accuracy in problem solving
  • Improved creative thinking
  • Stability when faced with challenges
  • How LearnClue teaches VedicMath?

    We are here to transform the experience into a fun learning environment. Ideal for students above 12 years, this kind of math covers Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, squares, Algebra, percentages, conversions etc. Based on the age limit, we have basic & advanced levels.

    Students of Vedic math will have access to:
  • Live classes.
  • Practice work sheets.
  • Online examinations.
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